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Jayce Boynton is the owner, lead  cinematographer, and lead editor for Capture Scratch Productions. With a degree in Film and Video production from Middle Tennessee State University, Jayce's experience behind a camera and in an editing suite spans over a decade and constitutes every media genre he's encountered. Jayce also has a minor in marketing and fills his time with fitness and ministry work.


Capture Scratch Productions operates out of Antioch, TN, and often works on projects in the area between Franklin, Nashville and Murfreesboro. The reach doesn't stop there, however, as we have even covered Projects stemming from California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and more. Capture Scratch is always looking to create content both at home and across the country.


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Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: Limited Availability


Capture Scratch does not maintain FULL production crews, but we handle projects personally, with small crews and established affiliates like:
Videographers, Photographers, Music Producers, Artists, Graphic Designers, and crew roles.